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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


On the Internet Since 1995

How time flies....

Whe I was a kid...we had a TV that had Pong built into it in the mid 1970's. Later, we (like everyone else in America) got an Atari 2600. I then got a Commodore Vic-20 back around 1981. I was able to write a spaghetti-code program that made a balloon go across the screen--yeah!!

Years later, we were learning with either Apple or IBM Computers in high school (~1985). I choose to use the IBM PC and then later a IBM XT. I remember my friends twisting floppy disks in an effort to see how much damage they could take before they didn't work! They were surprisingly resilient.

Later, I would buy a used IBM AT (6 MHz!) and no hard drive, for use at home. Around late 1989 I started using dial up BBS services. In 1990 I was using Internet Gopher to gather the weather (before the World Wide Web existed). In 1991, I had even met a new friend on Prodigy (talk about early Internet dating), then by 1995, I had regular email with a .com name from some company called "Sound Doctrine" which is now long gone. By December of 1995, I had my first Website on Geocities, and the rest is history. Since then, I have made at least 50 Websites, sent at least 120,000 emails (yes, I have a calculation), and have used the Internet almost everyday.

What did we do before we had the Internet anyway?


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