Fortune Telling and Palm Reading are Not Part of Judaism

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In New York City, we have both Ashkenazi and Sephardi 'rabbis' which come from Israel to provide 'blessings' to those who visit them. These rabbis also read palms; claim to be able to tell people when they will be married; advise people if they are infected with 'ayin harah' (the evil eye); tell people about their past; advise them on their future; and, tell them who they were in past lives. Such statements, and assorted various others, are issued to their victims who come to have their fate told and who provide a cash donation to the good 'rabbi.' This paper strives to advise people, male and female, but primarily the latter, that these charlatans are nothing more than fakes. It is the hope of the author that many Jewish women will read and share this paper, written with a Torah-grounded intellectual (not emotional) approach, to learn for themselves, that they are being taken advantage of by visiting with these pseudo-rabbis. The author would like the reader to know that by participating with these people, that they are being taken advantage of, and are unintentionally conducting themselves in a way that is not in line with the Torah and goes against the desires of the Almighty.

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My husband recently said that the difference between Israel and the US is that in the US and you are religious, you believe in God. In Israel, being religious means that you are superstitious.

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