Iran Diverts Attention at Opening of UN Council in Geneva

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By Shelomo Alfassa

As this goes to print, the 7th annual session of the United Nations Human Rights Council is taking place in Geneva, and already, by the second day into the week-long session, Israel is being pummeled by Iranian propaganda meant to sway public opinion against the Jewish state.

In an address to the President of the UN Council, Ms. Meirav Eilon Shahar, speaking on behalf of the government of Israel, recalled for the record, factual episodes of incitement to commit genocide by the Iranian government, something which is an international crime. Shahar called upon the UN to address the fact that leaders of the Iranian Revolution Guard were quoted on 19 February 2008 saying, "In the near future we will use the destruction of the cancerous tumor, Israel, by the powerful and competent hand of Hezbollah fighters." She then read a quote from 16 February 2008 where the Commander of the General Staff of the Iran Armed Forces called upon and urged the "Combatants of Lebanon and Palestine Islamic Resistance to continue their struggle until the complete destruction of the Zionist regime."

In her final words to the Council, the Israeli representative quoted the President of Iran who in February of 2008 stated, "World powers have created a black and dirty microbe named the Zionist regime and have unleashed it like a savage animal on the nations of the region." Ahmadinejad had made these remarks at a rally that was broadcast on state television. The Israeli representative asked how could the UN allow one member state threaten the destruction of another member state. She asked if these statements would be addressed.

Representing Iran, Asadollah Eshragh Jahromi replied to "The Israeli Regime," in a tirade of deceit. He said the "Israeli Regime" was at the UN to launch a series of baseless and distorted accusations against Iran in an effort to try to, "Divert attention from the ongoing atrocities in the occupied Palestinian territories." The Iranian representative stated that the "Israeli Regime" is committing aggression, occupation and daily attacks against women and children in occupied Palestine. He declared that Israel is constituting a "severe breach" of all international human rights laws, and is committing "vivid examples of genocide and holocaust" of an oppressed people.

In an allotted one minute response, Mr. Tibor Shalev-Schlosser, of the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva called the Iranian representative, "a Wolf that is crying for help," and that Iran was making a cynical attempt to try to, "Excuse the inexcusable." He stated Iran was deliberately distorting reality, and that Iran has violated the UN Charter when it calls, repeatedly, for the destruction of another UN member state. In a daring statement directed at the Iranian representative, Shalev-Schlosser advised that it would be better if the Iranian delegate "remained silent."

The UN Human Rights Council is meeting from March 3-28 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland. Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC) is among the various international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) which are testifying before the Council. As Israel stands up for it's Jewish citizens, JJAC plans to raise the subject of the (long ignored) plight of the 850,000 Jews displaced from Arab countries.


Shelomo Alfassa is the US Director of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries

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