​by Shelomo Alfassa

Bulgaria was complicit in the dispossession, torture and murder of thousands of Jews--yet, the Bulgarian government continues to whitewash this fact. While it's known that the Bulgarian government elected not to deport some 50,000 Jews from 'Old' Bulgaria to German death camps in Poland--what is not known is that Bulgaria was directly complicit in the murder of some 13,000 Jews from 'New' Bulgaria (Thrace and Macedonia).

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Published: August 17, 2011
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From the Abstract
While, ultimately members of the Bulgarian government, the Bulgarian public, and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, did in fact take laudable actions which halted the deportation of between 48,000-55,000 Jews from ‘Old’ Bulgaria to German death camps in Poland—there is no reason why the Bulgarian government should continue to cover up the fact that they were indeed directly complicit in the dispossession, imprisonment and death of an unknown number of Bulgarian Jews in the major cities and slave labor camps of ‘Old’ Bulgaria such as Pleven and Sofia.
In addition, in United Bulgaria aka ‘New’ Bulgaria (Thrace and Macedonia)[2], the Bulgarians rounded up over 13,000 Jews from their homes, confiscated their possessions, loaded them into rail cars, and deported them to Treblinka where they were murdered... These 13,000 Jews, which have too often been overlooked by history, suffered horrible deaths with the direct participation and knowledge of the Bulgarian government in their alliance and volunteer partnership with the Nazis. The Bulgarian government was the perpetrator in the deportation and extermination of 98% percent of Macedonia’s Jews. All of the families were destroyed, all of their possessions were confiscated, and their unique living Spanish Sephardic culture was made extinct.
The Bulgarian government continues to whitewash its responsibility in these tragedies, as it annually celebrates saving 50,000 Jews while selectively overlooking the 13,000 lost souls it helped put to death...
Alfassa exposes how "the Bulgarian government hid its full role in the
Holocaust in part to gain entry into the European Union in 2007."

--The Times of Israel

"Bulgaria helped kill 13,000 Jews, then, they elected not to kill 50,000 other Jews--by not sending a
loaded train to Treblinka. Yet today, Bulgaria conveniently forget the 13,000 Jews--as their propaganda
machine continues to work, frequently mentioning that they were the most humanitarian country
during the Holocaust because they "saved 50,000" Jews. It's pure and utter shameful behavior."

--Shelomo Alfassa

Former Director of Special Projects, American Sephardi Federation