Technical note about Browsers

Unfortunately, browsers (the software you look at the Internet with) are not created equal. This is an industry-wide problem; one that makes it very difficult to provide a consistent presentation to all Internet users. You will find that if you view this site through different browsers, you will see different results. Hatzolah of Los Angeles is not endorsing one particular browser over another, however the website was designed and tested using the standard browser, Internet Explorer. Should you choose to use a browser other than Internet Explorer, you may experience formatting variations, and perhaps even some reduced functionality. For best viewing results, your browser resolution should be set to 800x600 or higher [which is the standard in 2002].

Notice for Netscape Users: Unfortunately, until international standards are set for the Internet, and companies producing Web Browsers comply with those standards, there will be compatibility problems from browser to browser in accessing Web Sites.

We make every attempt to write HTML code that is standardized and compatible with the various browsers on the market. But due to various inherent problems peculiar to one browser or another, we cannot guarantee total compatibility with all browsers.

There are known problems with Netscape Navigator such that when a page initially loads, there may be spots where the design appears "broken up." To solve this, resize your window and Netscape will redraw the page. Other known problems are, cell colors being transparent and making white text invisible in that cell. Stretching cells and text boxes on Forms Pages and the list goes on and on! We can try many ideas to attempt fix these problems, but it's up to Netscape to release a patch to make their browser work correctly.

Our pages are visually enhanced for users of Internet Explorer 5.0 and up, and Opera 4.0b and up. These are browsers that have workable support for the newest technologies "CSS," "PDF" and others. We therefore recommend (but do not mandate) that you view this site with one of those browsers.

This problem has been experienced by people, institutions and organizations worldwide such as Michigan Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, & Virginia University.

The easiest fix is to download and use the free Internet Explorer from Microsoft.