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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


Two Wonderful Classical Music Pieces

My favorites!

Rosen aus dem Süden - Roses from the south

Johann Strauss

Waltz by Johann Strauss based on his Operetta "Das Spitzentuch der Königin" op. 388. Johann Strauss- synonym for Viennese Music of the 19th century, was the undisputed king of waltz at his time. Also, contrary to the Germans exploiting his music, he had Jewish roots.

He lived 1825-99 and was born in Vienna. He made his first appearance conducting his own orchestra at the age of 19.He was famous especially for his waltzes including this one, "Roses from the South" (1878), my favorite! I think I was born a century to late sometimes.

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Brandenburg Concerto No. 3

Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian lived 1685-1750. Among the greatest composers in history, he wrote more than 200 cantatas, orchestral works such as the the six Brandenburg Concertos, and numerous works for organ, harpsichord, other solo instruments, and chamber ensembles.

Bach's place in all this is tremendous and complicated, and made all the more mysterious by the fact that relatively little is known about him. He was born in 1685 to a very musical family.

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