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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


David Amar has been reported to the New York State Attorney General
for potential tax crimes and consumer fraud.

Attention, le rabbin David Amar est une fraude - Attention!
Advertencia, el rabino David Amar es un fraude - ¡cuidado!!

David Amar frequently visits the United States as a 'kabbalist,' offering services such as palm reading and marital advice. He is married and lives in Israel and claims to be a student of Rabbi Kaduri (they all say this!). Rabbi David Amar told a single woman to go to the mikvah so he could sleep with her over Shabbat. He then went on to hold her hand. She was appalled and shattered over the behavior of a Rabbi coming on to her.

He claims to be an 'oracle' to tell the past and future. He accepts cash and check donations when he visits both North and South America. His donations go to "American Friends of Michkane Meir" in Brooklyn - an organization which according to the IRS he is the President of. Tax documents report they earned: $261,800 in 2008 - you can verify this at GuideStar.com; he claims to raise funds for his school in Israel that has 800 poor children. His charity information is: "American Friends of Michkan Meir" (PO Box 74 1274 49th St Brooklyn, N. Y. 11219 1-212-542-0718) Tax Deductable ID: 753142400 - I am sure when the IRS investigates him he would be found guilty. Other contact info: P.O. Box 6890, Jerusalem Cell 011-972-505-206-068 Email: amarda@netvision.net.il - Paris cell: 011-336-268-18044.

David Amar frequents the largest religious Sephardic community in the world outside of Israel - Brooklyn, New York - where most people know he is a fraud.

His 2012 Blog page is: http://thekabblistdavida.blogspot.com/2012/01/rabbi-david-amar-is-posek-dayan-and.html

In case he attempts to erase it, his archived Website is here: Website - and his Bio .


UPDATE APRIL 2012: There are several reports of Amar's unethnical rabbinical behavior coming in from rabbis and members of the Far Rockaway (11691) frum community where Amar is living, with a woman with four children. If you want to report something anonymously, please send an email to shelomo@alfassa.com. If you need further assistance, you may want to contact one of the following:

Immigration Fraud Hotline: 1(866) 390-2992

ONLINE FORM - NY Attorney General reporting form for cOmplaints against charities and non-profits

ONLINE FORM - Suspicious Offer Complaint Form



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