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This is the Official Home Page of the New Medical Reference Book

'Ethnic Sephardic Jews in The Medical Literature'

by Shelomo Alfassa

...a comprehensive collection of bibliographic citations complete with associated abstracts.

Ethnic Sephardic Jews in The Medical Literature
Ethnic Sephardic Jews in The Medical Literature



New York, NY (PRWEB) December 13, 2006 -- The 'International Sephardic Leadership Council' has just released a new medical/reference book entitled: "ETHNIC SEPHARDIC JEWS IN THE MEDICAL LITERATURE." The volume is a comprehensive collection of bibliographic citations complete with associated abstracts. The book was conceived, developed and edited by Shelomo Alfassa.

From the introduction: "The Sephardic Jews make up the second largest division of the Jewish population; they have their historic roots in Spain, Portugal and North Africa, as well as due to migrations, in Mesopotamia and Arabia. Sephardic Jews comprise the second largest group in the Jewish population after Ashkenazic Jews that stem from Eastern Europe. Sephardim developed and shared common religious and cultural bonds with their fellow co-religionists from the Iberian/North African Atlantic seaboard to the eastern portion of the Fertile Crescent for at least the last 1,500 years. Sephardim have developed and possess a shared relationship based upon unique religious traditions, collective ideals, customs and ethnicity. Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews were geographically and religiously separate populations. Because of this separation, these two populations often display significant differences in the incidence of genetic diseases and medical conditions."

Jeffrey S. Malka, MD, orthopedic surgeon and author stated, "'Ethnic Sephardic Jews in The Medical Literature' contains a unique selection of medical citations that expand our knowledge of the genetic and medical variables between Sephardi and Ashkenazi populations."

Carolyn Bachino, MPH, Former CDC Research Fellow said, 'Ethnic Sephardic Jews in The Medical Literature' serves as a reference tool for anyone who wishes to understand the unique biomedical characteristics of Jews of Sephardic extraction. Sometimes a unique population is best served when a specialized tool is dedicated to focusing on its unique ethnic and cultural milieu; this book can be considered such a tool. This book could save a researcher hours of background investigation needed for a meta-analysis or systematic review, and ensure a more thorough search of the literature than could be performed by a person with a less than superior understanding of Sephardic Jewish ethnography.

Raul Montemayor of Texas said, "I bought your book Ethnic Sephardic Jews in the Medical Literature and I found the sickness that is affecting my cousin, Retinitis Pigmentosa, page 158. This is an amazing book where I found valuable information. Thank you.

Persons interested in Sephardic history, migration, and genetics, as well as physicians and researchers, will find the book valuable and interesting. The book is available for purchase online at Both are 229 pages (6x9 trade paperback): ISBN 978-0-9763226-0-3 Soft Cover | Sample Pages / ISBN 978-0-9763226-6-5 Hard Cover | Sample Pages


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