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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


American Jewish Leadership Funding Jerusalem Gay Parade

By Shelomo Alfassa

June 29, 2005

The Chief Rabbis of Israel have been working with conscientious organizations and Torah loving Jews to stop the "gay parade" (aka WorldPride) from coming to Israel, specifically, their stop over in Jerusalem. The WorldPride event is to include street parties, workshops and a gay film festival. People have been reading about this expected "parade" which is coming to Jerusalem in August 2005, but few people really understand what this event entails or who is behind this forthcoming exhibit of degeneracy.

They arrive, some walking, some riding in cars, standing up and shouting to passers by, men dressed as women with make-up, wigs and skirts. Some men wear only women's lingerie and others are completely naked, wearing only florescent or metallic body paint. Some men paraded down the street wearing only Israeli police and military officer hats, some with pierced nipples, some with other body parts pierced, too graphic to mention here. Heavily tattooed men wearing leather chaps and nothing else wandered through crowds of people, young and old, male and female, aggressively kissing and simulating sexual acts with no shame. In past gay parades, the naked and sexually charged masses were not there just flaunting their bodies, insulting the morality of local communities they pass through, but they were also there bashing Israel and supporting the cause of the Arab terrorists. People dressed in black, holding signs saying "Stop the Occupation," men wearing womens underwear walking side by side with nude women dressed only in Palestinian head scarves with rifle target's painted sarcastically upon their breasts.

These processions, parties and public demonstrations of repulsive decadence will be coordinated by an organization known as Jerusalem Open House. A Jerusalem Post article mentioned, "The WorldPride that will take place in Jerusalem will bring together Jewish gay men, Christian lesbians and bisexual Muslims. And this is not just a Jewish event, many Christians and even Muslims will be out parading naked down the street as well. In a press release, Baptist preacher Troy Perry of West Hollywood, California said, "We are coming to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is our Holy City, too."

We should not be so quick to write this insult-to-society off as a project supported solely by homosexual extremists, people need to know who provides the money to help these mega public events of debauchery to take place. This parade is funded in part by Partnership 2000, a joint project of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA)-Federation, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and the Municipality of Jerusalem.

UJA-Federation met with the board of JOH in April 2004, and later cut them a check to help them hold their annual parade. For the UJA-Federation to legally provide JOH with a donation, they would make the donation to the U.S. branch of JOH (American Friends of JOH). While 2004 documents are not yet available, publicly accessible government tax document of the American Friends of JOH indicate that between 2002 and 2003, the New York based organization passed funds equating to at least NIS 575,000 to its Jerusalem based counter-part.

UJC has been raising and accepting donations for a century, and today is the largest fundraiser within the Jewish world. Today the UJA-Federation is a much changed organization, it's operated overwhelmingly by a fourth generation of American Jews-assimilated Jews, secular, ignorant of their own heritage and history (except maybe for the Holocaust, Shoah programs are a cause célèbre to raise money). UJC represents 155 Jewish Federations and 400 independent communities across North America. They are the fiscal arm of the diaspora, funding almost every reform or conservative congregation in some manner. The UJA-Federation is the major financial supporter for almost all the Jewish newspapers in all of the Jewish communities in the United States, and thus have influence on what is or what is not printed. With all the debate over the convergement of world homosexuals in Israel, none of the UJA-Federation papers dare mention anything against this event, the editors certainly don't risk their jobs.

Highly criticized by many, the UJA-Federation is the largest recipient of donated money, the most powerful, and the most well known Jewish "charity" in the United States. It is safe to declare, that more people donate to the UJC-Federation than any other Jewish group in North America. People give blindly to them, and the 70, 80 and 90 year-old donors who grew up in an age when money sent to the UJA was for moral Jewish projects such as schools, hospitals and Zionist causes, have no idea their money is now being used to support gay workshops and sexual charged homosexual parades in Jerusalem.

But UJC is more than a financial supporter. They are actively participating, promoting a, "Pride in Israel Mission," this is 'boots on the ground' participation in the gay parade. They are sending "hundreds" of people from the States to the events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Wanting people to participate in high numbers, they are issuing $500 grants for gay and lesbians from the U.S. to go to Israel and participate. The WorldPride organization has a political agenda in Israel, and they state once in Israel, they will meet with Israeli Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert; Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai; Etai Pinkas, the first openly homosexual member of the Tel Aviv city council; Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav; Minister of the Interior Avraham Poraz; and Tommy Lapid, the openly self-hating Minister of Justice. In past gay events, Tommy Lapid has shown up and spoken before the crowd, providing them with words of support. The UJC program officially includes visiting, "Palestinian neighborhoods and hear[ing] about the challenges of co-existence" and "Participating in discussions on Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender educational and youth programs in Israel..."

Homosexual supporters of this organization say, "WorldPride 2005 will bring a message of dignity and acceptance," to Jerusalem. They continue, "For centuries Jerusalem has been home to vibrant and diverse communities with ancient traditions. For the past two years, this ancient city has welcomed a new tradition: Gay Pride." The annual beach party, which is a virtual orgy on the street, is paid for by the Tel-Aviv Municipality, but this should not be too shocking, as the Justice and Interior ministries have made provisions that the parade in Jerusalem be funded in part by the city.

Jews have a moral obligation to investigate where their money is going, in what capacity it is being used. Those in America should be outraged that the UJA-Federation is supporting this event, one which goes against many tenants of Judaism, an event which is essentially a "bash Israel week" by the radical left political types and those on the fringe of society who desire to force their sexual perversion and their politics down the throats of others. The homosexual lobby can affirm all they want that the Jerusalem community has, "welcomed a new tradition: Gay Pride," but they are lying. The people of Jerusalem do not want an invasion of homosexuals, they want nothing but to live quietly in peace. Why the homosexual lobby feels they have to invade Jerusalem and commit a spiritual pogrom in the holy city is unknown. Shame, shame on them. Shame, shame on the UJC-Federation.