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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


Some of My Favorite Experiences, Things, Memories

Saving the life of more than one person with efficient CPR and ventilation in the Emergency Room;

Seeing and Touching the Western Wall in Jerusalem for the first time--wow!;

Took a ship from Gibraltar to Morocco and was able to steer it on the way back;

Was deployed as part of a counter-terrosism team for 30 days at the 96 Olympics;

Tefillah in the Beit Knesset of HaRamba"m (Maimonides) at Cordoba, Spain, my ancestral land;

Shook George Bush's hand at Ground Zero after the attack on the World Trade Center;

Cutting open a car with extrication tools, and learning how to evacuate people from the Space Shuttle;

Remembering all the Jewish "Turks" in my family which would come over and play pinochle;

Flew in helicopters over Hawaii and through the Hawaiian canyons;

Worked as a medic at a concert arena and seeing every concert for free;

Studying Gemara in Eretz Israel;

Rescuing a 75 year old mezuzah from an old abandoned Jewish building on the Lower East Side;

Walking alone through Tangiers on a overcast, wet and quiet retrospective morning;

Knowing my great-grandparents till I was 12;

Visiting Spain, Morocco, Switzerland, Turkey;

Witnessed the Los Angeles riots by bring in the middle of it all!

Walking in the old Jewish quarter of Seville, Cordoba, Madrid, Toledo and Granada;

Reading Washington Irving's classic The Alhambra, while at the Alhambra;

Driving and exploring the back woods of Florida with my best friend C.P. Bass (in a rental car!);

Meeting Avicam, the Reinbachs', David, Peyton, Jayson, Raphael and Rabbi Dubov;

Unrolled a huge sign from the outfield seats at Anaheim Stadium in 1991 saying "Let's Kick Saddam's Ass"

Boating on the Florida waterways and rivers;

Helping Irv Rubin of the JDL plan a major rally against proselytizers, and getting in Time magazine;

Having Spanish, Ladino, being spoke at home, the same language HaRav Yossef Karo spoke;

Sitting in the cockpit of a 767 for take off on a flight from Atlanta to Europe;

Growing up in Brooklyn; Riding my bike to Sheepshead bay, fishing;

Living in Denver, Colorado and experiencing quiet white peace at 10,000 feet in a silent falling snow;

Marching with 50,000 Jews around the Old City on the 9th of Ab;

Visiting the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe;

Working in the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) underground bunker in Denver;

Visiting L.A., Atlanta, Houston, San Diego, Philadelphia, Salt Lake, El Paso, Wash. D.C., Las Vegas and Tijuana, Mexico;

Listening to Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish music;

Driving around the Spanish countryside and listing to Ladino music on more than one occasion;

Knowing what Skully, Solitreo, Djuwelos, and Bizelias are;

Going on Amtrak to the 100,000 Jews March on Washington to support Israel on 24 hours notice;

Visiting Rachel's Tomb in Beit Lechem, traveling on an armored bus;

Knowing my family history goes back to Cordoba, Rhodes, Turkey, Romania and Grodno;

Driving to Miami Beach just to go shopping and for a kosher dinner;

Dancing Greek dances with 90 year old Jewish ladies at the Sephardic (nursing) Home in Brooklyn;

When no one was looking, spitting on Ferdinand and Isabella's (Yemach Shmo Vezichro) graves in Spain;

Living in Israel, less then three blocks from the Western Wall, the Kotel of the Old City of Jerusalem;

Working as a medic at the Nixon library opening, seeing Presidents' Nixon, Ford, Reagon and Bush Sr.

Seeing Original Burned Jewish Artifacts from Kristallnacht at the Vienna Jewish Museum;

Interviewing and getting accepted for the Mishteret Yisrael, Israeli Police Department in Jerusalem

Paying my respects at Auschwitz;

Driving across the United States more than once, and on various routes;

Walking through Jerusalem on a dark cool night, and knowing it ours forever!