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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


What the American Media Never Tells!!!

How the Americans Help Arm the Palestinian Arabs
and Transfomed the Palestinian Police into an Army!

American rifle given to Arabs by Clinton and Rabin which
was used to murder 2 Jews on Rosh Hashana night 5764!

Islamic Jihad terrorist with a (United States built) Colt M-16, this is an old surplus U.S. military rifle.
Arab Terrorist with a new (United States built) Colt M-4 short barrel 5.56 rifle. This is a new rifle, maybe 3 years old, standard issue to U.S. Special Forces and other special groups.
Terrorist with a (United States built) Colt M-16A2 rifle. This is a standard issue rifle, used by all U.S. ground forces.
Arab boys with (United States built) Colt M-16A1 rifles. These are the old surplus rifles which were issued to all U.S. ground forces.
Another terrorist with a (United States built) Colt M-16A1, this is also an old surplus U.S. model.
Arab boy, next generation of murders in training holding a (United States built) Colt M-16 which was stolen (as this is an Israeli Army custom model) rifle.
Suicide Bomber who murdered Jews on a bus in November 2001, holding a (United States built) Colt M-4 rifle & Koran.
Suicide Bomber who murdered Jews on a bus in March 2002, holding a (United States built) Colt M-4 rifle.
Head of the Hamas Terror Group with a (United States built) Colt M-4 rifle next to him.
Head of the Hamas Terror Group and his body guard holding a (United States built) Colt M-4 rifle.
M-16. M-4, Uzi, all rifles the Arabs should NOT have!!

"At the outbreak of the conflict in September 2000, Palestinians fought primarily with those weapons permitted by the Oslo accords: Kalashnikov and M-16 assault rifles, pistols, and a few jeep-mounted .50 caliber machine guns. Over time, however, and especially by Weaponization of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process early 2002, Palestinian police and security troops-as well as armed militias-increasingly employed Katyusha rockets, mortars, anti-tank land mines, and Kassam-2 surface-to-surface rockets against the Israeli army and civilians."--Brown Journal of World Affairs p. 294 JEFFREY BOUTWELL "Weaponization of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process."

Also read: Seven Years of Arming the PLO: An Assessment by Ariel Kahane

Israeli Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak, along with Bill Clinton
armed the Palestinians and now the Palestinians are murdering Israelis. The
three of them thought giving the Arab "police" guns would halt the violence!

"Stop being afraid. There is no danger that these guns will be used against us. The purpose of this ammunition for the Palestinian police is to be used in their vigilant fight against the Hamas. They won't dream of using it against us, since they know very well that if they use these guns against us once, at that moment the Oslo Accord will be annulled and the IDF will return to all the places that have been given to them. "