History, Politics & Loss

by Shelomo Alfassa

History, Politics & Loss: Selected Writings of Shelomo Alfassa is a collection of 62 selected papers, both published and unpublished, written between 1998-2008, on various topics related to history, the political world and the loss of select Jewish personalities.


Papers on history include topics related to Iberian and Ottoman Jewry, North African and other Jewry; population movements, prominent rabbis and other Jewish figures. There are several papers related to 20th century history in regard to Zionism, revisionism, and the Middle East. There is a section on the loss of prominent 20th century figures; this includes obituaries on rabbinical leaders, academicians and other noteworthy individuals.​​

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Published: January 13, 2010

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Pages 347

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From Babylonia to Barcelona: Uniting of East and West; Historic Population Movements Complicate the 'Who is Sephardic' Question; Origins and Stigma of the Iberian Garment of Shame, the San Benito; Qairawan: Between East and West ; Origin of the Statement of Sultan Bayezit II on the Jews; The Little Known Oriental Bureau of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society; The Forgotten Jews of the Lower East Side: Greeks, Turks and Syrians; The Myth of the Pure Sephardi: Sephardi Tahor; Fortune Telling and Palm Reading are Not Part of Judaism; Origins of Noise Making to Wipe Out the Evil Name on Purim; Spain: Selling Culture to Jews or Selling Out Jewish Culture; Nazi Hatred Dwells in the Arab World; Iran Diverts Attention at Opening of UN Council in Geneva; The Call to Abandon Haifa: An Echo of History; Remodeling Benazir Bhutto into a Saint; Sharon has Isabella Syndrome; Beleaguered but Beloved, Gaza; Shekel to Become Euro? Another Nail in the Coffin; Remembering Cecil Roth on the 35th Anniversary of his Passing; Judy Frankel, the Ladino Songstress, 65; Thoughts on the Death of a Righteous Muslim; Reverend Samuel Benaroya of Seattle (1908-2003); Death of The Chief Sephardic Rabbi Of Jerusalem; Reverend Abraham Lopes Cardozo (1914-2006); The Great Kabbalist of Jerusalem: The Passing of a Much Loved Rabbi ; Remembering Chief Rabbi Jacob Meir - On the Occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration… and many many more.