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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven

The Situation

In the USA, we have both Ashkenazi and Sephardi 'rabbis' which come from Israel to provide 'blessings' to those who visit them. These rabbis say they can read palms; claim to be able to tell people when they will be married; advise people if they are infected with 'ayin harah' (the evil eye); promise businessmen they will reap great rewards; advise people about their past lives; and, advise people on their future--these men are frauds and exploit the Jewish religion.

The "rabbi" sets appointment with members of the public and meets the unsuspecting victims in the privacy of the home of a host family. The people who come to have their fate told and who provide a donation to the rabbi (or his yeshiva, camp or kollel), have no idea that: 1) many times these people are not even rabbis; and, 2) they are going against Jewish law by visiting with these men. People need to realize that these charlatans are nothing more than fakes. These people are being taken advantage of by visiting with these con-men.

A real mekubal is not a kabbalist, and does not suggest fees, nor does he check mezuzot or ketubot. He is a Saddik, connected to the Almighty, the opposite is with the so-called 'kabbalists.'

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What is Kabbalah?

"Kabbalah is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the mystical aspect of Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between God and His creations. It is a religious set of ideas and practices which are part of the Jewish religion - and not a separate or distinct religion as is often reported. Anyone that teaches Kabbalah as a separate religion or stand alone spiritual system, is misleading people, this includes schools and centers of Kabbalah." --Shelomo Alfassa

Read a Halakhic (Jewish Law) Point of View:

Fortune Telling and Palm Reading are Not Part of Judaism: Kabbalah Rabbis Can't Read Your Future


If you do not have a personal rabbi, get one or the 'kabbalists' will get you. You must understand that 'psychics' and false 'kabbalists' have their own interests. They always strive to show mystical powers that they do not possess.
Known 'Kabbalists' Who Charge Money to Visit Them

Elazar Abuhatzeira: Says he can bless you to have children for a fee. He accepts cash and check donations when he visits the United States. In 2010 he was investigated by NY prosecutors. In 2005 Israel Attorney General Menachem Mazuz ordered the Israel Tax Authority to collect 20 million shekels in taxes from Abuhatzeira. A 1997 Ha'aretz investigation linked Abuhatzeira to several incidents of corruption.


Abuhatzeira MURDERED
July 2011

NY Jews accuse Be'er Sheva Kabbalist of massive fraud Ha'aretz 2010
[Elazar Abuhatzeira]

US prosecutors probing Israeli rabbi over fraud Ha'aretz 2010
[Elazar Abuhatzeira]

Rabbi runs a Kabbalah 'con' in NY New York Post 2010
[Elazar Abuhatzeira]

Psychic rabbis feed mystic advice in Brooklyn Ha'aretz 2009
Shelomo Alfassa is quoted in this article

A Jewish Mystic Offers Amulets for $180 The Forward 2009
Shelomo Alfassa is quoted in this article


David Amar: David Amar says he is a rabbi from Israel. He claims to be an "oracle" to tell the past and future. He accepts cash and check donations when he visits both North and South America. His donations go to "American Friends of Michkane Meir" in Brooklyn - an organization which according to the IRS he is the President of. Tax documents report they earned: $261,800 in 2008.

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Yitzchak Kimmel: Kimmel is a fraud. He claims he is a student of the late Rabbi Eliyahu Elfassi who was a close disciple and Gabbai of the famous Moroccan rabbi, Hakham Yisrael Abuchatzeira ( the Baba Sali). Kimmel uses this line of ‘educational ancestry’ to get people to come to him, pay him, and make him a rich man. These are lies.

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Chaim Yosef Sharabi:

Rabbi Chiam Yosef Sharabi has set up shop in Brooklyn, New York to help seekers of advice see into the future. Talk is not cheap however, as he charges $180 a visit!


Tzion Menachem:

This is another fake "rabbi," one who's teachers are all dead, as is usual with these men. He "learned at a tomb of Samuel" which is completely gainst what HaRambam would ever allow. He comes to the USA every year, sees people, encourages donations--takes money. He claims to have learned from "Porat Yosef in Jerusalem" but Porat Yosef would NEVER approve of this behavior.

Read: The Fake Kabbalist Tzion Menachem





3) "Rav Yitzchak Kimmel -- Miracle Man Self-proclaimed kaballist - makes dreams come true. Derech Dovid - the sure fire way to steal from the helpless and downtrodden."

2) "Let me tell you one story about Elazar Abuhetzeira from beer sheva a man goes to him saying he is poor he has no money he need a job.. elazar abuhetzeira tells him you know what you problem is you have cancer ’ you will die soon. but if you give me 10.000.00 dollars you will be healed.. the man cries i have no money..elazar says. you bring me the money or you will die soon...the man went wild he went the hospital to check himself ..mri.. catskan and many more tests in the end all was fake.... may g-d take justice for his big time crimes and all the money he stole from broken hearted people..."

1) "You are doing a big mitzvah to expose these fake kabalist who distroyed so many people... i am a victim ..these people should be locked up they are criminals may g-d take justice...... all who fell in ..tell you freind ..so others dont fall in .. they take your money away in the thousands of dollars some lost 26000.00... 52000.00 ..100.000.00 dollars and more be aware and be carefull."

Rabbi Hanina Ben Dosa performed great miracles. He was able to tell sick people if they would live or die. Yet, it is written in the Talmud that his wife used to complain that there was nothing to eat in the house. Unlike all the so-called 'kabbalists' that are rampant now, this great Saddik did not take a cent for his deeds.



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