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Yitzchak (Isaac) Kimmel has been reported to the New York State Attorney General Consumer Frauds Bureau, part of the Economic Justice Division, which prosecutes businesses and individuals engaged in fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or illegal trade practices. If you would like to report Yitzchak Kimmel, click here

The less-then sophisticated 'kabbalist' hard at work. How very tzniut.

Contact: Dinah Ribakoff (Thanks for sending this to me)

NEW YORK, NY (August 31, 2010) ‘Rabbi’ Yitzchak Kimmel who runs the organization “Derech Dovid” located at 909 E 29th St. 6F, Brooklyn, NY claims he is a “Mekubal” (Kabbalist), and on his fancy website he promises to help in all the problems of life “Sholom Bayis, Infertility, Health, Parnassah, etc. He says he can provide you with ‘segulos and tikunim’ -- however, Kimmel is a fraud.

Kimmel claims he is a student of the late Rabbi Eliyahu Elfassi (
of Ramat Shelomo in Jerusalem) who was a close disciple and Gabbai of the famous Moroccan rabbi, Hakham Yisrael Abuchatzeira (the Baba Sali). Kimmel uses this line of ‘educational ancestry’ to get people to come to him, pay him, and make him a rich man. These are lies.


A religious woman from New York we shall call “Rachel,” telephoned Rabbi Elfassi's widow in August of 2010. Rebbetzin Elfassi denied ever knowing or meeting a “Rabbi Kimmel” from New York. She also was very upset to learn that Kimmel is claiming he earned semicha (was ordained) by Rabbi Elfassi--because the rabbi had a
yeshiva with 10 students and this yeshiva did NOT teach kabbalah.

Rabbi Elfassi's assistant (of 25 years), told Rachel that Kimmel visited Rabbi Elfassi only once for an hour and after that only 20 minutes any other visit, one time a year. A woman in Baltimore that runs the American charity account for Rabbi Elfassi was also contacted by Rachel, she said never heard of Rabbi Kimmel.

If Kimmel did obtain ordination from Rabbi Elfassi, a copy of the certificate should be on the Internet and made public, but there never was semicha—so there is no certificate.


  • (1) Kimmel was never a student of Rabbi Eliyahu Elfassi.
  • (2) Kimmel only saw him a few times and now that that Rabbi Elfassi is dead, Kimmel uses his photo to lure unsuspecting people (mostly women) to his office.
  • (3) Kimmel has posted a sign on his wall indicating there is a minimum $175 charge for a 20 minute meeting. (Rabbi Eliyahu Elfassi never charged, gave you as much time as you needed to talk with him, he never did theses ‘tikuns’ and never taught kabbalah to anyone.)
  • (4) Kimmel offers various Fasts that will "help you" but then says if you donate money you do not have to Fast.


Kimmel is exploiting the good name of the late Rabbi Elfassi; Kimmel takes advantage of young religious frum men and women by saying he is a kabbalist; Kimmel is one of the many fraudulent people who prey on the vulnerability of others; Kimmel has no “special powers” or anything else. He just known how to sweet-talk people away from their money through fraud and unethical lies.


2010-12-16 10:42:30 Kimmel again sat next to Rabbi MOSHE BENTOV THE REAL MEKUBAL/SEER OF MEZUZOT and of course what could you expect being a nice sincere friend/chossid just to learn but not to make income from this friendship so AGAIN AND NEVER ENOUGH TO REPETE BECARFUL... JUST STAY AWAY .... AND LET HASH-M DO HIS JOB!!!!!!!


2010-12-16 10:35:04 Itzy was very close to Rabbi Moshe Bentov z’l and learn learn really a lot being next to him.... how today anyone can get up and say I’M A MEKUBAL ???? why ONLY REASON FOR THE MONEY NOTHING ELSE BECARFUL BECARFUL TO THE GOOD & RIGHT PEOPLE....SUGGESTION......DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY..............

2010-12-10 03:24:44 I knew Yitzchak Kimmel - he is no kabbalist, he is a thug. I read Moshe Handler’s comment - the two used to be really tight with each other. If they split up it is over money - that is how they destroyed their scam computer business. Defrauding their clients and the government.

2010-9-7 Mr. D. Finkelstein (718-951-1734) called to complain click here to listen to his complaint.

2010-9-7"...I have gone to many mekubalim, and i found that they are all flawed, as they are human beings, rabbi Kimmel is no different." --D. Finkelstein via email

2010-9-7"Rav Yitzchak Kimmel -- Miracle Man Self-proclaimed kaballist - makes dreams come true. Derech Dovid - the sure fire way to steal from the helpless and downtrodden." (anonymous via email)

2010-9-7 "I am the person who encouraged him to start Derech Dovid and I helped him through 2008. I have personal issues with him at this time, nevertheless, this is personal and not for the public…I never agreed with a minimum charge to people while I was there. This is a new policy and i always was against it. On the other hand, There are office staff people that must be paid, plus rent and utilities. The money has to come in somehow… Rabbi Kimmel has not spoken to me for 2 years although I used to be his best friend. So personally my feelings towards him are not great..." --Moshe Handler via email



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