B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven

Professional Lectures by Shelomo Alfassa

Shelomo Alfassa has lectured in Israel and the United States on the topics listed below. Some of his most notable lectures took place at the National Press Club, University of Florida and the National Synagogue in Washington D.C. He is available to speak to your organization and can be contacted at the email address listed here. Mr. Alfassa's bio can be found here.

Politics and the Middle East

  • The Conspiracy Between Hitler and the Arabs During WWII
  • The Displacement of 900,000 Jews from Arab Countries since 1948
  • The end of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of the Turkish Republic

The Jewish World

  • Jerusalem 1820-1920, a Critical Period of Growth
  • Jews of the Ottoman Empire
  • The First Jews in America, their Origins, Arrival and Legacy
  • The Expulsion of the Jews of Spain 1391-1492
  • The Non-European Sephardic Holocaust Experience
  • Near Total Assimilation of 30,000 Turkish, Greek and Balkans Jews in America 1910-1980
  • The Sephardic Community of Brooklyn - The Largest Sephardic Community in North America
  • Messianics, Evangelicals and other Christians Target Jews

    Medicine and Science

  • Sephardic Jews in the Medical Literature
  • Introduction to Biological Warfare Agents
  • Overview on Chemical Weapon Threats


'A Window Into Old Jerusalem'
by Shelomo Alfassa



Mr. Alfassa speaking at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. January 2006