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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


Hello, Merhaba, Shalom, Salom, Bon Jour, Brichim Haboim, Hola !

Hello friends, and welcome to my world on the net. Who am I? We'll I am a just a Jewish guy living in Florida. I am a United States citizen, born and raised, as well as an Israeli citizen. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but lived for a while in California. My Sephardic side of the family comes from Edirne, Turkey; Rhodes, Greece; Chios, Greece; and a few from Kastoria and Istanbul! They came to this country in 1919 CE and 1921 CE. They spoke Ladino at home when I was a child, but unfortunately I don't speak it. After all the generations of my family which kept the language alive from the time when they left Spain, I'm sad to say I am from the very last generation to have it as part of my family. It's now gone.

I am researching the following Sephardic names, and if you have one of these names in your family, drop me a line and maybe we can find a common connection. [Direct family: Alfassa, Adatto, (de)Loya, Salinas, Yerushalmi, Scioti, Hasson, and Cordoval] [Some of my indirect, but connect family names are Shemaria, Bension, Pisserillo, Capouya, and Caston.]

My other side of the family is from Grodno (so I was told) as well as from Russia. However I don't have much, we'll--any--information on this side of the family. "Known to the Jews as Horodno or Grodne. Before World War II a County Seat in the Bialystok District. The Grodno district is located in northwest Byelorussia, bordering on the north with Lithuania and on the west with Poland. The population was largely Byelorussian, Lithuanian, and Polish." The surname was Marks, possibly Marx ?

Recently (summer 2003) I have come back from studying in yeshiva in Jerusalem, where I have also lived. I made aliyah to Israel a few years back. I have worked for several national Jewish agencies, as well as been on the board of directors of the same. I have also worked for the Star-K and OU, two national kashruth agencies.Since the summer of 2001 I have been active as a vice-president with a respected Jewish agency based in New York. For over 15 years I worked in the medical field, and served my community in many ways.

I study Gemara and Perasha, and spend a lot of time exposing the occurrence of subversive Christian proselytizing which unfortunately occurs very often. I am also an appointed civilian officer with the local Sheriff's Department and do freelance Internet web development. During the last few years I have made professional websites for some Jewish organizations.

My passion is writing, and thus spent a lot of time at the university library doing research. I have been published many times and have been a guest speaker for various organizations discussing Jewish oriented topics. I have a great interest in history, and especially am interested in pre-fifteenth century Spain; relations between Muslims and Jews in Iberia; and the historic relationship between Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews. Most of my reading encapsulates these areas--and I just can't get enough. I have recently completed a manuscript on issues related to Jewish assimilation which I hope (B"H) to publish in the summer 2004.

I even have a fan club!