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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


Get Prepared for a Media Blackout

By Shelomo Alfassa

Israel National News 3 April 05

Daily, the press is reporting how the Israeli government is taking steps to silence the Jews, how they will not allow them to freely move about, how they are restricting the flow of information. This same action was taken by the Nazis, before they moved in to make Jewish communities Judenrein, free of Jews.

April 6, 1941 - the Nazis in Belgrade banned the Jewish newspaper and arrested its publisher.

April 17, 1941 - Jews who were part of the Zionist movement in Salonica asked fellow Jews to resist the Germans, and later that day, the Jewish newspapers were suppressed.

September 29, 1941 - the Jewish-owned newspaper in Tunis ceased operation at the order of the government.

March 17, 1942 - the 60,000 Jews in Tunisia were restricted to publishing only one newspaper; and that one was censored by the government.

This last episode is no different than what we have in Israel today. The Israeli army will allow only prior-screened reporters to join them in their destruction of the communities in Gaza. Does anyone believe these reporters will be allowed to obtain and distribute the news as it unfolds, in the normal course of events? Hardly. These reporters will be screened and their news censored. That is the whole idea of why they are "embedded" in the first place - so that they can be controlled.

"Radio, television and newspaper reporters will not be allowed to move from one community to another without permission," one article read. The article said the Jews would be able to send video out over their cellular phones, but without doubt, the government will block the phone networks. A similar tactic was employed March 10, 1951 in Iraq, when the Iraqi Arabs needed to control the flow of information among the 120,000 Jews in Iraq, prior to their expulsion. The telephones went dead that morning in Baghdad, and by the time they were turned back on, life had changed forever for the Jews.

One of the world's best jammers of cellular phones is produced in Tel Aviv. This machine, no bigger than a suitcase, can create a cellular "security bubble" that can block cell phones from working. They are usually used during high-profile events to keep terrorists who use cell phones to detonate bombs from being able to do so. They can also be used to block all communications with the outside world, including satellite telephones and even those small two-way radios families often use. While they have been used in Judea, Samaria and Gaza against Arab terrorists, it is without doubt they will be used now against Jews.

We are living in ominous times. The events that will potentially transpire in a few months are terrifying to consider. Expelling the Jews from their communities, handing over entire communities, including apartments, houses, libraries, restaurants and other Jewish property, to sworn enemies, rewarding murders - it all shows there is a psychological illness which has overtaken some of our leaders.

The government has started to plan for the final events of summer 2005. Newspapers, radio, television - controlled. Disarming Jewish citizens - on the way. There is no reason to believe there will not be a total and full control of all communications. This means the jamming of cell phones, interrupting the Internet and telephone landlines, and restricting travel.

The American media is all for disengagement and expulsion. There are no stories that talk about anything occurring in Gaza, except for those in which the Jews are made to look like aggressors. There is a real chance that we will not know what is going on in Gaza unless we are there. We should expect nothing less than a major, worldwide media blackout, initiated by the government of Israel and supported by the media in all the United Nations countries.

If you live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and you wake up one morning and realize there are no phones, no electricity, no cell phone service, then that's how you will know what is occurring. If you are in the Diaspora, do not expect to hear much of what is occurring in Israel.