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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


Million More March Was a Failure

Observations by Shelomo Alfassa

October 16, 2005

Well, another march on Washington came and went, this time with as little fanfare as the impact it probably left as a legacy last time. This was the follow up to the Million Man March organized by self-declared leaders of the black community a decade ago. While there were drips and drabs of a positive message sent by a few, mostly family members who survive their children who were horribly murdered, the majority had no message at all. As a matter of fact, over all, it could be said that this was a flop, as the "Millions More March" seemed like the "Millions Didn't Come March."

Various politicians and spokesman had an opportunity to speak. The stage was taken by Damu Smith who was introduced as a member of the, "anti-militarism movement" who then came on stage and proceeded to rant continuously about how "Bush lied" about everything from Iraq to Katrina and how Bush is a killer. Shouting to the crowd, he said, "Bush is a war criminal."

Jesse Jackson had been on stage, there he gave a well prepared statement, calling for young black men to stop the violence, stop the drugs, and basically-grow up. His speech was not bad at all, but that is when the day's festivities went in the toilet. Immediately after Jackson spoke, a rap star came up on stage and started singing over some prerecorded music. But what the crowd encountered (right after Jackson made his emotional speech), was music and lyrics that were XXX rated and was full of violent expletives. After a couple of minutes, the rap singer said "sorry but they put the dirty version on" then walked off stage. The singer was Jim Jones who's lyrics seem to stray just a tad bit away from the peace and tranquility that Jesse Jackson was preaching about. With his sagging pants and his childish "gangsta" attitude, Jones looked like a fool. This man was a huge embarrassment to the whole event. Shouldn't Jackson and Al Sharpton who spoke with Farrakhan have known that Jones' lyrics could have been a bit…shall we say, off color? See for yourself. Here are a couple verses from Jones' latest "music":

"Stone cold hustler, ain't no fucking denying me I sell drugs in varieties, you want it, I got it You see it, you like it, we count it, you buy it from me I'm what the people call a menace to the public society Fuck 'em I'm riding, my gun on the side of me Fuck it I'm driving, I'm puffing high as can be…"

"You will die, you will lie in a pool full of shit (Ay!) When that gun with the clip in (what) Start dumpin' and rippin' …"

Big Crown-Heights-riot-inciter Al Sharpton then took the stage where instead of calling Jewish people "white interlopers" or "bloodsucking Jews", he targeted his oral diarrhea towards President Bush and the Congress. For ten minutes Sharpton bashed the president and the government. He really didn't say anything productive-not that he ever does.

Amazingly, another music moment was presented, with an entertainer from the Hip Hop Network that called for the ceasing of "gangsta rap." Hey-does guy know about the rapper who just sang before him? The Hip Hop Network representative then introduced a most shocking singer. A man took the stage then sang a song against George Bush which had the shocking lyric, "If I was president I would be assassinated and buried" to which the panning C-Span camera showed both men and women clapping and dancing along to it. Outfitted in his bright red sweat suit, he was on stage for a duration greater then any of the speakers themselves, ranting like a madman, saying nothing of substance. He made people "clap for New Orleans" to the beat of a repetitive electric guitar chord-his presence was another embarrassment.

With a slam against Martin Luther King's famous quote, Ayende Jean Baptiste who spoke in 1995 said, "there is no free at last" as we "battle white supremacy." He called for "black soldiers", "we need crips and bloods," he shouted. He said this in front of gang members wearing both red and blue bandanas around their heads representing gangs. Then one of the men wearing a red gang member bandana said he represented the Blood Nation and the New Black Panther Party. He called the U.S. government killers and drug smugglers and ranted about some other non-significant matters. With long periods of silence mixed with episodes of presenters displaying angry outbursts against the U.S. government, the Millions More March was surely not the promised unification event it was billed as.

Willy Wilson the executive director of the program was one of the last speakers; he came on stage and talked about what the true intent of the March was-money. He initiated the "charity" portion of the event where he went on to solicit funding from the crowd. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's "Millions More Movement" was part Ku Klux Klan rally and part Bush-bash-arama. It is no doubt that the Nation of Islam that coordinated this event turned up the hatred and calls against George Bush because they are in bed with the Arab street which provide funding to them as they pronounce their (dubious) love of the Qur'an and their hatred of the Jews. Instead of this event being an event that would push forward an agenda that would help black Americans, it became a spectacle filled with the same old attacks against the U.S. Government and President Bush. The invited speakers touched on the same old issues and complaints that mentioned everything from "Haitian prisoners" to the "Destruction of the Palestinian people."

After several long hours and after many of the people had left, Farrakhan arrived with his typical pomp and circumstance. Flanked by at least a dozen black men looking like they were dressed for a Salvation Army convention, Farrakhan ascended the stage and positioned himself behind the bulletproof glass as he started to spew his typical rubbish. In all actuality, other than the typical arguments and complaints against the government and the president, he didn't say anything worth quoting. He smoothly proselytized the audience toward his version of Islam while telling the crowd to form a "Movement" while not providing any instruction on how to do that.

The Nation of Islam is by proxy an extension of the Arab street that has the availability to stand in the capital of the United States and attempt to bring down America from within. They support the enemy as they espouse their views on our front porch. While Islamo-Fasicism burns out of control due to fires fanned by Saudi blood money, Islami-Fasicism continues to important its political views into disenfranchised black youth through Louis Farrakhan and his highly funded organization. While the March itself was obviously a dismal failure, the Nation of Islam remains as a threat to the Jewish community as well as other communities.