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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


Music...!      Nothing for sale here, just a chance to hear the music I enjoy.

I love Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic music. One of my favorite groups (the first and second albums here) is Alabina. The singer "Ishtar" is an Israeli who is born to Moroccan and Egyptian Sephardic parents. The only way I can describe the music is it is a blend of Spanish / Arabic /French / Hebrew. The music is called "rumba-flamenco." The third album here is Tina Floyd, she sings the classic Spanish Boleros of the 1940's and 50's in a modern fashion.

I also like Mordechai Ben David, Joe Elias, Yehoram Gaon, Avraham Fried, & Judy Frankel. Who are some of these entertainers you ask? Just the best Jewish music has to offer! Here are two Wonderful Classical Music Pieces.

Here are some 30 second MP3 clips of my favorite music, careful- you will be hooked if you listen to it !! You can use Real Player or Winamp (winamp is better!) both are free.

1. Alabina
2. Baila Maria
3. Linda
4. Rona
5. Espero
6. Yo Te Quiero, Tu Me Quieres
7. Eshebo (Chebba)
8. Lo Que Tu Dices (Harramt Ahebbak)
9. Tierra Santa
10. Yo Te Vi (Ah Ya Zein)
11. Lolai (Ya Habibi Ya Eyni)

1. Salma Ya Salama (Arabic Version)
2. Ya Mama Ya Mama (Spanish Version)
3. Me Encuentro En Tu Desierto
4. Habibi De Mis Amores (Habibi Ya Nour El Ein)
5. Azima Leyla
6. Choukrane
7. Lolole (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood)
8. Somos Gitanos
9. Shir Ha'keshet (The Rainbow Song)
10. Alabina Megamix
11. Baila Maria (New Version)
12. Ya Mama Ya Mama (Salsa Version)
13. Salma Ya Salama (Spanish Version)

1. Tú Sabes/Con Toda el Alma
2. Me la Robaste/Sabor de Engaño
3. Catachismo/Acuerdate de Mi
4. Cariño Malo/Alma Mia
5. Delito/Por Despecho
6. Cenizas/Este Amor Salvaje
7. El Tiempo Que Te Quede Libre/Quisiera Amarte Menos
8. Amor Perdido/De Mujer a Mujer