Shelomo Alfassa Reference Guide to the Nazis and Arabs During the Holocaust
B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven

Reference Guide to the Nazis and Arabs During the Holocaust


Reference Guide to the Nazis and
Arabs During the Holocaust

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This book is a concise guide to the relationship and conspiracy of the Nazis and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in North Africa and the Middle East during the era of the Holocaust. This is a volume of collected facts, collected from various respected sources and each entry has been cited. Some of the material from the book follows:

In March 1944 from Berlin, the Mufti called for the Arabs to rise and fight. He said, "Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion." The Mufti beamed radio sermons to the Balkans, the countries of North Africa, and the Muslims in India. Arabs in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Egypt were called upon for Jihad against the British, these statements included the suggestion Muslims could, "Save their souls by massacring the Jewish infidels" they came across. In March 1944, an American intelligence report stated, "The Arabic voice in Berlin has surpassed all its previous records in inciting violence in Palestine. The culmination of this crescendo was Haj Amin's call to arms." The call to arms was made in a speech vilifying Jews, as well as the British and America. In his speech, he directly called on Arabs to kill Jews. These broadcasts went throughout the Arab world (North Africa and the Middle East), as well as Spain and Southern France.

"In a letter to Himmler, dated September 28, 1944, General Berger of the Waffen S.S. reported: "Today the Mufti came to see me for a long talk. He talked about his work and noted happily that the day is nearing he will head an army to conquer Palestine." It was during this same year that the Mufti developed an Arab Brigade in 1944 that included Arabs trained in Holland by the Germans." -p.91

About the author: Shelomo Alfassá oversees Special Projects for the American Sephardi Federation. From 2006-2009 he was the US Director of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries. He is the founder and former Executive Director of the International Sephardic Leadership Council and the editor of the award winning International Sephardic Journal. Mr. Alfassá served as former Director of Research and Development for Sephardic House at the Center for Jewish History. He is the editor of Ethnic Sephardic Jews in the Medical Literature and Reference Guide to the Nazis and Arabs During the Holocaust. His articles have appeared in the media such as The Jewish Press, Israel National News, Image Magazine, Moment Magazine and several other publications.

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