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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


Jews Celebrating the Family of an Arab Enemy

14 May 2003

Heritage Florida Jewish News
207 O'Brien Road, Suite 101
Fern Park, FL 32730

Dear Editor,

With the all due respect, I was absolutely shocked that with all the trouble in the Jewish world, oversees and domestically, you allocated precious space on your front page to Queen Noor of Jordan, a woman who recently released an anti-Jewish book titled, Leap of Faith. She is currently making the speaking rounds, promoting this book.

Lisa Noor is the fourth wife of the late King Hussein of Jordan. Her book represents her opinions and outlook, and unfortunately though it looks like a memoir, it's pure revisionist history, wrapped in a velvet glove. Even the Anti-Defamamation League (ADL) stated readers, "should approach with caution. Her memoirs, while not without interest, reveal a pro-Palestinian bent that is totally immersed in the anti-Israel myths of the Middle East" NBC's Craig Offman said about the book, "She trots out well-worn anti-Semitic clichés as if discovering them for the first time."

"Noor said she wrote the book to honor her husband. Unfortunately, American Jews don't know much about him, or his past. During the Jordanian occupation of Jerusalem during 1948-1967, Hussein led the military which used explosives to destroyed 58 synagogues, including many ancient ones. His soldiers took Jewish gravestones from the Mount of Olives cemetery and used them in the latrines in their barracks. He forbid Jews from visiting sites such as the Western Wall and other holy locations. Then in 1967, Hussein launched an aggressive attack on Israel, when he had not been attacked, nor threatened.

Noor does not see Yassar Arafat as a terrorist. She recently told the Christian Science Monitor that Arafat should be looked upon as a "godfather" to "reconciliation and peace between former enemies." Arafat is a godfather alright, in a Mafia sense! He and his organization administrated Black September, the terrorist operation which massacred the Israeli Olympic Athletes in 1972. Under Arafat's command, the Saudi embassy in Sudan was attacked, and U.S. Ambassador Cleo Noel, and Deputy Chief of Mission George C. Moore were savagely tortured and murdered. It is he who founded Fatah which is responsible for the murder and maiming of hundreds of Jews in bus bombings in just the last few years.

Obviously she is a pretty woman, and her story as an American who went on to marry an Arab King is interesting in a fairytale kind of way, but lets be serious. This is no fairytale. The State of Israel is fighting for its very existence. Anti-Semitism, no matter how interesting the person is delivering it, or how beautify it is packaged, it is still anti-Semitism. Her entire memoir takes potshots at Israel. Her comments about "Jewish control" of the media and finance come right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the anti-Semitic book Hitler used, and is being circulated throughout Arab lands today. Though she can argue that the Palestinians are suffering, she makes it sound like they are-only because of the very existence of Israel. The Washington Times stated the book Noor wrote had a, "pro-Arab, anti-Israel point of view." Dick Morris the former Clinton advisor wrote: "Noor attacks Israel, Zionism and Jewish power in America. She complains of Jewish domination of banking, business and media. She doesn't go out into the street and yell, "Death to the Jews...but has written an anti-Semitic book nonetheless."

Noor sums up the tone of her book, and thus her attitude toward the Jewish people, "The middle east was a wonderful place until the Jews arrived." Allow me to speak for all the readers who have not written in, a person like this should not be on the front page of a newspaper, especially a Jewish newspaper!


S. Alfassa