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Palestine: According to America, it’s Here!

By Shelomo Alfassa for Israel National News

27 January 2004

We all know there is no Palestine people or Palestine entity—or do we? Remember when Golda Meir made her political statement: "There is no such thing as a Palestinian people." Zuheir Mohsein a member of the PLO supreme council stated back in 1977 that: "There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation...the existence of a separate Palestinian identity is there only for tactical reasons." Palestine, the country to which so many have been led to believe once existed, is still popping up on American Fortune 500 corporate and higher education websites.

A search conducted in January of 2004 demonstrated multiple organizations and institution feeding the belief that Palestine is a country. They are perpetuating the lie that Palestine currently exists. That, along with new generations of young Arabs and Europeans being taught Palestine existed as a free and sovereign country until it was invaded by the Jews, is a catastrophe under development. The next generation is being spoon fed lies, nourished from deceitful teachers and supported by spurious information coming out of America. This is helping to breed the next generation of healthy anti-Semites. While the clear and unbiased truth is there was no country of Palestine, and there is no country of Palestine today, when prestigious organizations and people help to further the belief that Palestine was, and sometimes—is—a country, it is hard to understand the truth, especially to the young developing and easily molded mind.

The United Nations (UNESCO) declares they have an office in city and country of Ramallah, Palestine. The University of Glasgow, (who by the way has been known to issue honorary doctorate degrees to Israelis) has more than three offices in the country of Palestine. Viacom, the world's largest provider of entertainment services offers its Showtime entertainment channels in Palestine. George Soros the self-hating Hungarian Jew and multi-Billionaire who recently shocked the Jewish world with his statment that: “European anti-Semitism is the result of the policies of Israel,” offers scholarships for students in Nablus, Palestine. Brigham Young University Law School has Palestine listed as a country in their official website, and Philadelphia University faculty have a page where Palestine is listed as a country in more than three places.

Both IBM and Hewlett Packard offers a point of contact in the country of Palestine. As does the world’s largest camera company, Kodak, who’s Research Systems offers service to those living in Palestine. John Deere the well-known American farm machinery and tractor company offers sales of machinery to Palestine. Hyundai the Asian car manufacturer offers phone numbers of contacts in Palestine. Their page even has a Palestinian Authority Arab flag on it! Since 1939, FDC Reports has been helping pharmaceutical and healthcare executives worldwide understand the developments affecting the regulation and marketing of healthcare products, this includes pharmaceutical developments in the country of Palestine.

The phone companies love to use the fictitious country of Palestine. Orange, the popular cell phone provider in Israel offers service to Palestine from the United Kingdom. Verizon the popular American telephone company offers service to Palestine from America. AT&T offers service to both Israel “including Palestine.” Swisscom the Switzerland cell phone company offers calls to Palestine at a discounted price. These are but some of the phone companies which offer service to Palestine.

And it doesn’t stop at private schools and corporations. American Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dick Gephardt’s website states that the “United States has a special relationship with Israel and the Jewish people.” However it lists two countries, one called Israel, and the other called West Bank. In a November 2003 debate, Gephardt stated: “The people in Palestine, the great majority want peace…” As early as two years ago George Bush had begun to refer to Palestine as a state instead of as the Palestinian Authority. After using the term Palestine in his speech to the U.N. General Assembly some months ago, Colin Powell said it was "appropriate."

Even the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences who issues the Oscar awards in Hollywood will treat Palestine as a country in the 2004 Oscar competition. And if you are a person looking for truth, you may reach for Bill Gates encyclopedia. Encarta the widely used Microsoft encyclopedia states: "Palestine is now largely divided between Israel and the Israeli-occupied territories, parts of which are self-administered by Palestinians."

Jewish families are being murdered almost every day. The slaughter is perpetuated by grown children that for decades Arafat and his cohorts have brainwashed from childhood to believe their parents and grandparents country was stolen by the Jews. These young terrorists have either non-existent or minimal education, with absolutely no unbiased teachings on ancient history, Islamic history, Ottoman history, British colonial history, etc. These children which grow up to be unthinking killing machines are now being supported by the leftist liars in both Europe and America. The leftists in all truth do not really care about these Arabs. These leftist feed their egos by just saying Palestine exists, and talking about all things pro-Palestine. In this form, they will contribute to their goal of what is termed social justice and through their eyes everything will be all right. What these fools do not realize is that they are feeding the flames of ignorance, hatred and death. How corporate America, politicians and the academic world could make up a country which does not exist and use it is completely unbelievable, however it is true. They continue to do it each day, and because of their actions the flames of hatred are fanned each day, and from this is the sad actuality that people will die.