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Papers and Thoughts

by Mr. Alfassa

FEMA Partnership Gives IPAWS Emergency Alerts Big Visibility
Homeland Security Today Magazine (10Dec2020)
HST Monthly Column on Emergency Management

Pandemic Induced Educational Changes May End ‘Renaissancal Thinking’ Increasing Value to All Types of Education

In coming years, the idea of not (physically) “going off to college” but learning remote may help remove some of the age-old stigma from the choice of selecting to go to trade or vocational school instead of university...

Contracted Emergency Management in New York

A Supplemental Resource Before, During, and After

The New York State Office of General Services (OGS) has a formal multi-year contract in place with five private contracting firms...

NYC Drops its Guard Against Hostile Vehicle Attacks

by Shelomo Alfassa

NYC is allowing citizens to eat outside both on the idewalk and in the streets at unprotected restaurant tables...

A Very Unconventional Terrorist Weapon​​

by Shelomo Alfassa

In July 2018 the FBI arrested an ISIS sympathizer who expressed his desire to use remote controlled toy cars filled with sharp steel shrapnel as improvised explosive delivery devices.

Traffic Related Particulate Pollution: A Serious Occupational Hazard for Public Safety Personnel

by Shelomo Alfassa

Public safety personnel that operate on busy urban highways, may be at risk from more than just traditional vehicular traffic. Although roadway, atmospheric, and population density may all play a roll...

How Volunteering with the Red Cross Launched a Professional Career in Emergency Management

by Shelomo Alfassa

In 1987, the year of my high school graduation, I was living in Southern California. One day, I noticed my neighbor and friend getting into his car, he was wearing a white shirt and red windbreaker which caught my eye. Curious, we spoke briefly, and that was my initial introduction to the American Red Cross...

Review of the New York City Emergency Management Podcast

by Shelomo Alfassa

New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM - formerly known as 'OEM') has a monthly podcast which focuses on topics related to emergency management. The production is officially entitled as ‘Prep Talk,’ and was launched in November of 2017...

The Emergent Profession of Corporate Emergency Management

by Shelomo Alfassa

The professional emergency manager ensures that local government and municipalities are prepared for emergencies. They seek to efficiently coordinate emergency response and recovery...

Is Technology Leading to Microbial Cross-Contamination and Pathogen Spread in the Airport Environment?

by Shelomo Alfassa

It seems modern electronic boarding passes are openly causing cross-contamination of microorganisms between aircraft employees and the general public. 

Emergency Management Nightmare: Hawaii’s False Alert Crisis

by Shelomo Alfassa

Such a public terror was not seen in Hawaii since 1941, when an incoming air attack would become the onset of America’s entry into WWII. 

Uncloaked Wireless SSID As A Target Identifier Against Unique Ethnic Communities

by Shelomo Alfassa

Over the last several decades, certain groups have fallen victim to crimes and terrorism after being singled out because of their ethnicity and/or religion. The targeting of a specific group of people can be done...

Field-Deployable Resilient Temporary Networks

by Shelomo Alfassa

These are temporary, field-deployable, purpose-built IP networks that can be installed and broken down quickly. Commonly, they are used by public safety and others, at events where temporary but increased situational awareness is needed...

The Evolution of American Civilian Defense into Modern Emergency Management

by Shelomo Alfassa

Civil defense was a huge part of U.S. life during World War II. However, when the war ended, the civil defense efforts became sluggish. The OCD was abolished in 1945; civil defense was not given much attention...

Integrating Internet Technology with Amateur Radio for Public Service Events

by Shelomo Alfassa

At a public service event, the New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service (NYC-ARECS), a NYC based auxiliary communications service, utilized an APRS/AIS network to track the status of the world famous Staten Island Ferry...

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