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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


The Religion of Peace

Islam is a "religion of peace" --George W. Bush


March 31, 2004

A frenzied Muslim crowds dragged the burned, mutilated bodies of four American contractors (ex-U.S. military) through the streets of a town west of Baghdad yesterday and strung two of them up from a bridge after rebels ambushed their SUVs. Five U.S. soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division also were killed when a bomb exploded under their M-113 armored personnel carrier north of Fallujah, making it the bloodiest day for Americans in Iraq since Jan. 8.

Ex Navy Seal, Security Officer from Florida - dead.

2 Dead U.S. contractors

Poking and proding the dead charred body.

Sources close to security firms in Baghdad said the three sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) were escorting a truck ferrying food supplies for the US military airbase in nearby Habbaniya. When they entered the town, the vehicles were spotted by insurgents, who had their faces hidden by scarves and were armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles. The insurgents opened fire on two of the SUVs. According to several witnesses, the third vehicle managed to escape when the shooting started. Two of the vehicles were riddled with bullets. One unsuccessfully tried to make a U-turn. The first vehicle burst into flames and its two passengers burned inside. One passenger in the second SUV was shot dead, while the second tried to escape but was gunned down. "The man then fell to the ground and workers who were nearby grabbed their shovels and iron bars to finish him off," one witness said. Gunmen then fired into the air, urging to people to return home and traders to close their shops. "Groups of young people aged between eight and 30 vented their rage on the charred bodies of the Americans. The Muslims dragged the bodies out of the burnt-out car and hacked them to pieces, yanking off the legs and beating the bodies," the witnesses said. At 2pm, what remained of the charred bodies after they were dragged from the cars were mutilated and strung from a bridge, according to a photographer working for AFP. Iraqi police who were stationed near the bridge disappeared. Soon afterwards, some young people took the bodies down from the bridge, placed them on a wooden cart to parade them through the town, shouting "This is a lesson for the occupier." Later one body was seen headless, and a hand and a leg were strung from an electric pole in the main street. Some residents shouted, "Down with the occupation, down with America" and "Long live Islam".

Residents shouted "Long Live Falluja" and Allah Akhbar "God is Greatest" as one man kicked at a charred corpse before stomping on its head. The still-burning body of a fair-haired male could be seen near the vehicles.

American body part tied to a brick and throw up on power line.

Muslims picking the bodies apart.

Victory dance.