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Seashells in the woods - Fossil hunting in NJ

Couple months ago I stopped by the Big Brook Preserve (BBP), a sort of well-known fossil location in New Jersey, about 90 minutes from New York City. It was very muddy so I didn't look around much, but what is great about this place is that it is a road pull off with parking on a nice county road. It was absolutely silent out that misty morning, with deer running about.

I found these shells somewhat exposed in the dirt. These are most likely from the Late Cretaceous period (~105-66 MYA), this area was once a shallow marine environment.  Today it is rolling hills, and BBP has a small creek where fossil hunters like to search. The shells display bore holes (from other animals) in them.

The State of NJ hosts a very interesting paper on such Cretaceous fossils here:

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