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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


American Media Blackout of the Rally

12 January 2004

By Shelomo Alfassa

For Americans, both Jew and Gentile, it is simply impossible to figure out what is going on in Israel. There is a clear and defined media blackout, a silence of the popular outcry of the people which are standing up saying, no, we will not give land to terrorists. We can watch the news in America, but we won't see the daily events unfolding in the holy land. An outrageous example of this occurred just the other day.

Sunday night near 130,000 or more people gathered in Tel Aviv to say "The people of Israel will not surrender." Surrendering to terrorists is not an option for Israelis, nor for Americans. Could anyone imagine the American army giving territory to the Iraqi insurgents who are killing U.S. troops and civilians on a daily basis! Do you reward killers, no you do not.

An unscientific poll of both the national television news media as well as American Internet news sources demonstrated a total of one single story covering the rally. CNN ran a short article on its website the day after, and in an associated map and set of graphics they published an Arab propaganda slogan, "Jewish settlers have staked claims in the midst of territory designated for Palestinians."

The massive rally was reported no where else. None of the American mainstream television media such as CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC or Fox even bothered to write up a story about it. It was important enough to make news in both China and Australia, but in the United States, it didn't even get a televised blurb.

On the other hand, what was covered by those American media outlets during this same period was the football playoff scores, how a city in France is the European Capital of Culture, Michael Jackson and his alleged child molestation issues, and how the television comedy Friends' will win an award. While the voices of over a hundred thousand strong Jews rang throughout Tel Aviv in unison, the American media thought it more important to cover a story about presidential candidate Al Sharpton, the vicious Jew hater who led the pogrom which led to the stabbing murder of Yankel Rosenbaum by a hate filled mob of African-Americans screaming, "Kill the Jews." Rosenbaum was stabbed repeatedly, and other Jews beaten while Al Sharpton led his black Cossacks in chants of "No Justice, No Peace!" Today, Sharpton is paraded on American television like some sort of underdog hero.

People are being shot at and stoned daily, but this is not important. People are getting blown up and murdered daily, but they are only Jews. The white supremacists, Arabs and some in Europe have the same argument, they love to say the Jews are sorry for themselves, that they use anti-Semitism as a crutch--but that is an utter lie. The truth is that Jews call foul, because Jews are indeed continually discriminated against, as we can see from the pure silence originating from the American media. Washington's "pro-Israel" policy is just skin deep. The fact is that George Bush must appease his Arab friends (Saudi Arabia and others), and to do this he is selling out Israel and the Jewish people, the rightful owners of the land. Over one hundred thousands Jews rallied in support of their precious land, and the media shut down their voice.

The Jews will not be slowly exterminated by the Arabs, and they won't sit silent as their land, homes and communities are given to Arab terrorists in an effort to appease George Bush's friends. Sharon has fallen asleep at the wheel, George Bush and the American media are steering the vehicle, the Jews are on the roadway screaming because they are about to be run over, and the Arabs fill the gas tank with lies and Saudi oil. The rally was not against Sharon, but a call for him to wake up. It strove to call him to defend the Jewish people, not to be a prostitute for American money which comes along with the disease of Arab pacification.

What happened to journalistic integrity? It is not like the American media did not know the rally was going on, they have correspondents on the ground in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and even if they didn't go to the rally, everyone in Israel knew about it. The cover up of this story, demonstrates one of the following: 1. The American government is controlling the American media, allowing them to broadcast only what they want; 2. The American media is organized in some sort of conspiracy to make sure none within their circles reported the rally took place; 3. This is a typical anti-Jewish response which occurs when Jews are perceived as courageous and strong, not as the anti-Semitic stereotypes of bumbling idiots. What are the odds that all of the mainstream American media outlets have coincidently (in unison) 'overlooked' this major event? They are not fair and balanced, they are not allowing the public outcry to be heard. They essentially have cut the throat of the Jewish people.



Shelomo Alfassa is the Executive Director of the International Society for Sephardic Progress. He may be reached alfassa@isfsp.org