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A Very Unconventional Terrorist Weapon​​

by Shelomo Alfassa

July 9, 2018

A brief word...


In July 2018 the FBI arrested an ISIS sympathizer who expressed his desire to use remote controlled toy cars filled with sharp steel shrapnel as improvised explosive delivery devices. In this case, the remote cars had steel BB’s and explosives attached and concealed to the undercarriage (the mechanical and battery area) of which the decorative plastic body goes over and connects to the frame of the car. A remote-controlled car could easily convey a pound of C4 (or other explosive), which is sufficient to completely destroy a full-sized vehicle and damage everything around it; loaded with shrapnel, such devices could be quite lethal, and could exact multiple fatalities. The actor in question wanted to detonate several remote-controlled cars underneath federal and local law enforcement vehicles, as  a distraction to a greater concurrent bomb attack on the nearby civilian population during a parade on the 4th of July.


He thought it may be better to use these remote cars after dark, so less people would see them. Such remote cars, range in value from under $100, and can sell for as much as $1000 or more. The higher-end hobbyist cars can be controlled with tremendous precision. They are quite robust and so quick, there is no way someone running could ever catch a moving one by hand. The same actor devised providing these explosive and shrapnel-laden remote control cars to children who attended the parade as gifts, who would then take them home where they would explode.

The creativity and desperation of these bad actors knows no end.

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