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'The Sephardic Perspective' Gets Syndicated by Reuters

(April 16, 2008) Well known international advocate for Sephardic Jewry, Shelomo Alfassa, had his Blog, 'The Sephardic Perspective' recently accepted by BlogBurst, the leading international syndication service offering independent writers an opportunity to offer their works to top-tier media outlets resulting in broad visibility, while publishers receive a wide range of new coverage to broaden their reach.

BlogBurst, valued at $60 million dollars, provides syndicated content from specialty writers to large news outlets such as The Washington Post, Gannett News, The San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal and the Chicago Sun-Times. It also syndicates through Reuters, the world's largest international multimedia news agency.

Reuters recently partnered with BlogBurst to syndicate content from their network of 2,800 qualified writers (the largest in the world), serving content to major news outlets. Reuters runs relevant articles and essays in a contextual way, alongside Reuters' own original content.

In regard to Reuters partnership with BlogBurst, Reuters Media President Chris Ahearn stated: "This is part of Reuters' continuing strategy to embrace new digital platforms, including user-generated and moderated content as well as community tools, to deliver next-generation news and information."

As of this writing, three articles from 'The Sephardic Perspective' have already been syndicated by Reuters.

Shelomo Alfassa is the US Director of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries.


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