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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven

My Room at Yeshiva

"The Old Turkish Prison Cell" (Watch your head entering)

Ok, BEFORE you say "yuck" let me tell you, this was a great room! Why, because it was PRIVATE!

This was my room at the yeshiva, and I called it the VIP suite. I had my own window, screen, metal door which would get red hot in the sun, all the humidity you could want in this room--even enough to make the walls crumble each night dropping paint and cement on your bed. I had my share of ants, but they could not get the food I hung on a wire across the room. I found these old chairs, and bought a piece of fabric on Jaffa Road to throw over the rusted table. Can you imagine 7 people in this room hanging out!

The church outside my window would ring the bells of "big bastard" early in the morning and almost 15 minutes non-stop several times a day on Shabbat. I obtained a fan from the _[cannot disclose]_'s office, and bought a bug killer from the Armenian down the road. I had a broom stick with a knife on the end as a weapon, that became the weapon for this side of the dorm. C'mon, the Arabs were right outside of our home, see this image.