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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven


Scorn Hypocrisy, Vulgar Language

HaRav Nissim Behar zt"l of Turkey 5719/1959
from his La Práctica del Judaísmo (Ladino)

1 . Our Sages teach us that G-d abhors four categories cpersons to such an extent, that they are excluded from entering Gan Eden (they will not enjoy the Divine Splendor): the scorners, the Flatterers the liars and the slanderers.

2. To make obscene remarks is a very serious sin and is very severely punished, as it is said: "He who uses licentious language will be thrown into the deepest Gehinom..." and sixty years of happiness which would have been granted to him by Divine decree will turn into a long period of misfortunes."' It is also prohibited to listen to vulgar talk.

3. To show a person more affection than one sincerely feels towards him is sinful hypocrisy. Even more sinful is praising a Rasha (a person who transgresses the Commandments) out of personal interest. Praise of such a person condones his irreligious conduct. He who praises a Rasha becomes jointly responsible for his sins.


1. Talmud Yerushalmi, Teruma 1,4


These remarks are with the endorsement of the (former) Hahambashi, HaRav Raphael E. Saban zt"l and the endorsement of the Beit Din of Turkey. These are based on the Sephardic tradition from Turkey, handed down to us from Castile, Spain.