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B'siyata d'shmaya - With the help of Heaven



For a While I was Lucky Enough to Live on Mt. Sion in Jerusalem, Right Outside the Sion Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem

This is a historical picture of the complex on Mt. Sion. This complex is part of the Kever David HaMelech, Tomb of King David

Above is the Mt. Sion complex about 1890.

A. Turkish Muslim call to prayer tower, a minuet, now abandoned. This was partially destroyed in the war, and the JEWS rebuilt it !

B. Dome made of metal which covers the "last supper" room. Covered in Sionist graffiti today.

C. Entrance into the court yard. Once camels entered here, today tourists enter here. (Doors still can be closed and locked from the inside!) Once I saw an Arab ride his Donkey through here.

D. Doorway into the mosque. Today it is a Sephardic synagogue founded in 1948.

E. Entrance into the mosque courtyard. Today entrance into the back of the synagogue and yeshiva.

F. From this point you can see the Temple Mount, and until 1967, this was the place where Jews came to "see" the Temple Mount. There are famous photos with hundreds of people up here.

G. Empty field. Today two churchs sit here. They ring their bells non-stop, disturbing the Jewish families who live on Mt. Sion.

H. Direction to walk to the Old City of Jerusalem, about a 3 minute walk. Since the church is there it is now a long corridor, and at night it is pitch black! However, some people get married here. See photo

K. Notice there was no room up here. Today there is a room up here, see below.

L. Compare these windows to the modern photo below and the 1835 lithograph.

Here is a modern photo taken 113 years later!! Use the letters to compare locations within the photo.
Today these windows are rooms related to the Diaspora Yeshiva.

Here is another modern photo taken 113 years later!! Use the letters to compare locations within the photo.

Above, lithograph of the Mt. Sion Complex in 1835, notice figure "L" above and in the top most image.

Here is a wedding which took place in the area, use the letters to compare the location.

Note: The "homeboys" from my yeshiva are identified in this photo.

See My Room at Yeshiva

See the Tomb of King David on Mt. Sion today and in 1920

See the Beit Midrash, the Yeshiva Study Hall


This is "Momma Cat" the best wild cat on Mt. Sion

(Sion instead of Zion? - We'll there is no TZ in Hebrew now is there! Geeezzz)