We can make you a website to be proud of!

Are websites kosher? We'll not exactly, but what we develop are high quality websites for the Jewish community which look, function, and appeal to the community. As the mashgiach (the person who oversees that food) checks the koshering process, we make sure your website is "kosher;" --that it looks, functions and works perfectly!

Our mission is to make professional web site development affordable for your company or non-profit, big or small. There are so many variables that go into web site design we don't offer a fixed price. Those that do are over charging for sites with simple needs.

There are literally millions of sites on the World Wide Web; most are of a sub-par quality, to say the least. Almost anyone you talk to will say, "My brother-in-law does web sites", or, "I've got a friend working on our web page", but the question is, what kind of web site will you end up with?

Our mission is to provide a service that will get your enterprise or persona on-line quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

1. Basically, all web projects are quoted on an individual basis. We usually charge anywhere from $400 - $1800 depending on the project. This is a SUPER deal, because this includes the pages, HTML coding, photo manipulation, custom logos and graphics, etc.

2. We use only the BEST tools: Dreamweaver 4.0 Photoshop 6.0 Adobe Acrobat 5.0, etc.

3. We work fast -- very fast, but quality will not suffer.

4. YOU tell us how you want the site to look, color, design, function, etc. Also all the extras guestbooks, counters, stats, etc.

5. We can provide you with hosting for under $90. a year! Yes, a domain name www.yournamehere.com and server space for about $90. [total] a year!! I set this up for you, and make no money on this. We use a reliable and respectable server company, no here today, gone tomorrow company.

6. References upon request. View portfolio here.

7. We are available to work for you today! EMAIL staff@alfassa.com